I am W. Patrick Jones.
Proven Leader & Christ Follower


More About Me.

Proven leader. Extensive public relations, donor/volunteer management, and community outreach experience. Outgoing and customer focused. Excellent at building and maintaining professional relationships in an enjoyable work environment.

For the last ten years, my wife and I have served as Salvation Army officers. This has taken us from Dallas TX to Arlington TX to Galveston TX to St. Petersburg FL. Along the way, we have shared amazing experiences as we strived to meet the needs of each local community. This has included building renovations, interactions with the Dallas Cowboys (including Charlotte Jones-Anderson, Emmitt Smith, and Roger Staubach), innovative, new fund-raisers, disaster recovery following Hurricane Harvey, and much more.

Another aspect of Salvation Army officership that has prepared me for a new career is the interaction with the community. A Salvation Army officer is a preacher/pastor, a business administrator, a PR guy, an HR director, a bookkeeper, a program leader, a development director, a volunteer recruiter, a social media director, and sometimes a janitor. I have presented in front of congregations ranging in size from six to six hundred. I have spoken in front of just about every civic club there is. I have address city councils and county commisioners. Perhaps it is my background in music performance, but I am comfortable in front of any size audience addressing a variety of topics.

Because of these and many more experiences in my career, I have become a very well-rounded leader that can offer many key benefits to a future company. Please read on to learn more about my stregths.

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What I Can Do For You.

Few people have a good grasp of what The Salvation Army does, let alone what a Salvation Army officer does. Following are a few of the strengths that I have developed in my years in The Salvation Army as well as the preceding years working in the IT field.

  • Branding

    Every organization has a brand. In The Salvation Army, it's Doing the Most Good. At Ernst & Young, it was Quality in Everything We Do. Embracing the brand and promoting it in the community is key. When representing the organization in public, they need to see the brand in the individual. Making sure that all of your work is of the highest quality is something I still embrace. Doing the most good with donor resources will always be part of my personal brand. And all of my work will be done with the highest ethical standards.

  • Leadership & Team Building

    I have always felt that the world lacks leadership role models. It's not that I ever felt I was the best leader. But I do believe I can provide a better example of what leadership ought to be than what we see in the media. I belive that the day you become a leader, you become responsible for training other leaders. As such, I build my teams with the idea that everyone on the team should be capable of becoming a leader. If not, then they probably don't belong on the team. I want to lead extraordinary employees in extraordinary ways.

  • Customer Service

    Every business has customers. In The Salvation Army, it's the people that come to us in need. In the IT field, it is your end users. With Habitat for Humanity, it is future home owners. If we are going to advertise a product, it needs to be of the highest quality and it needs to be presented to the customer in the best possible way. You still have to do the best you can to conserve company resources, but that doesn't change the fact that the customer deserves your very best.

Career and Education

How I Got Here.


June 2010 - June 2020

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Officer/Executive Director

  • Identify, assess, and meet the needs of the local community
  • Completed $2.6M renovation of Arlington TX facility
  • Purchased facility and designed renovation plans for $3.6M renovation of Texas City TX facility
  • Led all disaster recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey response in Galveston County TX
  • Created adventure race fundraiser involving the local community and raising over $25,000 in its first year
  • Founded annual luncheon partnership with the Dallas Cowboys with over 1,000 in attendance
  • Managed resale/thrift store with $350,000/year revenue
  • Develop and lead teams of up to 50 employees
  • Pastor congregations of up to 180 members
  • Plan and oversee annual budgets up to $3.5M
  • Developed community relationships with donors, volunteers, and other community leaders

September 2006 - August 2008

The Salvation Army

Information System Technician

  • Implemented system wide upgrade to custom software platform
  • Administered software and SQL database servers
  • Provided training and support to 350+ end users
  • Developed reports from the software for management team

January 2001 - August 2006

Ernst & Young LLP

Supervision Associate

  • Provided third level support to other IT staff
  • Developed and led a first of its kind virtual assistance team
  • Reviewed call tracking system for proper handling of calls
  • Maintained friendly and professional attitude with end users

April 1999 - August 2000

The Salvation Army (Georgia Division)

Assistant Divisional Music Director

  • Lead beginner and intermediate youth brass bands
  • Assist in local and state-wide youth events
  • Provide music support to Salvation Army corps/churches throughout the state
  • Assist in running summer music conservatory for children ages 7-16


May 2013

Trevecca Nazarene University

Master's of Organizational Leadership (GPA: 3.978)

The Master of Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary program drawing from communications, religion and business to provide students with a balanced perspective on leadership within an organization. Expand your knowledge on strategic thinking, innovative problem-solving and organizational change models as you focus on personal leadership development, interpersonal/group leadership and organizational impact.

June 2010

Evangeline Booth College

Officer Commissioning and Ordination (GPA: 4.0)

The Salvation Army officer training program entails 2 years of classroom study with a summer practicum. In addition to earning a 4.0 GPA, I served (by election) as session president both years.

August 1998

University of North Carolina Greensboro

Bachelor's of Music Performance (GPA: 3.27)

Having started my college experience as a Music Education major, I switched at the beginning of my fourth year - having realized that teaching in public schools was not my calling. The education classes I took however, did prepare me for teaching music with The Salvation Army both as a volunteer and an employee.

During my time at UNCG, I joined the Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity and serve as chapter president for the 1996-97 school year.


What I've been doing.

If you're interested in hiring me, you're probably curious about the kind of life I lead. So I'm sharing some photos from my life - giving you a peek "under the hood".

Back to School Kick-Off

We partnered with local churches, the school district, and the Dallas Cowboys to form a Back to School Kick-Off including health checks, free backpacks, free hair cuts, and more. The event is held annually at AT&T Stadium and families are bused to the event from their schools. Details

Feeding Others

During our disaster response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we brought in seven canteens (mobile kitchens) to perform mass feeding throughout Galveston County. There are times, however, when we come across families who cannot get to where we are serving. That is when we bring the meals to them. Having just delivered a week's worth of meals to this couple, they insisted we take photos. The Salvation Army has a great reputation of going to any length necessary to meet the needs of others.

Boots & BBQ Event

During our time in Galveston County, we founded a Women's Auxiliary to raise awareness and funds for Salvation Army work. Congressman Randy Weber joined us to help recognize long-time supporters of The Salvation Army in Galveston County.

Inspiring Hope Luncheon

In 2015, we created the Inspiring Hope Luncheon as an annual fund raiser for The Salvation Army in Arlington TX. We were fortunate to gain the attention of the Jones family (yes, "that" Jones family). Jerry Jones was our inaugural speaker, followed be greats such as Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, and Daryl Johnston. Captain Jennifer and Patrick Jones posed with Charlotte Jones-Anderson, Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer. More photos

Inspiring Hope Luncheon

Captain Jennifer Jones, Roger Staubach, CBS 11's Karen Borta, Emmitt Smith, Captain Patrick Jones


Any successful non-profit lives and breathes on the shoulders of its volunteers. Moses is no exception. Many are intimidated by his looks, but they quickly get to see his heart. Whether it's through his smile or the endless giving of his time, you are quickly disarmed. We were honored to recognize him for his many years of humble work on behalf of The Salvation Army.

The World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade

That's right. The Salvation Army was in the Pickle Parade - with custom green "uniforms". It's important to be visible and The Salvation Army always has talented musicians on hand and willing to perform. So we rolled through Mansfield TX playing Salvation Army hymns and songs as part of the Pickle Parade. Details

At Disney's Hollywood Studios

When we were transferred by The Salvation Army to St. Petersburg Florida, one of the first things we did was to adjust our budget to pay for annual passes to Disney. Jennifer and I both have vivid memories of visiting the parks as children and wanted to provide that experience and those memories for our boys. One of my new favorite memories was taking my dad to the parks (all four of them in three days!) and sharing that experience with him again. More info on Galaxy's Edge

The Jones'

Jennifer and I were married in 2003 and have a strong marriage based on following Christ, together. It's not always perfect, but it is always a blessing.


Gavin is our first child. At two weeks of age, he was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). It is a challenge at times, but he can also be the sweetest kid you've ever met and he loves to make people smile. As his godmother once said, Gavin was born to gush love! More info on PWS


Colin is our second son, now ten years old. He's sharp as a whip and enjoys Fortnite and football. He's currently taking piano lessons (through Facetime thanks to the virus). He is an awesome brother to Gavin and we love them both ridiculously!